A Refugees life in Europe

A. Nordberg,Jenny (2015,September) Europe’s Crises of Conscience http://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/europes-crisis-of-conscience

B.Many people are fleeing from the Syrian civil war since there has been more than 200,000 innocent people killed. Countries like Sweden, Denmark, and Greece have accepted the most asylum applications in Europe, but there are other countries that have chosen much fewer people. Those countries would be Spain, Ireland, and Poland. Other countries such as Hungary have decided to take the violent approach by spraying refugees with tear gas. In Germany there are many volunteers that help a lot of refugees by providing them with blankets and baby formula. The same is being done in the Greek Islands by non-governmental organizations.

C. I have chosen this source because it explains in great detail how different countries in Europe are not only dealing with, but also how are they treating the refugees that are coming in. In one of our blog reading “Macedonia migrants hundreds rush border” it only explains how Macedonia and Greece are dealing with the thousands of migrants that are going into their country. According to the article (2015)”some 44,000 people have reportedly traveled through Macedonia in the past two months”(P.1). The article that I have chosen goes in further and explains how some countries choose to take the violent approach against refugees and it also explains how some countries choose to help refugees. Europe has a program known as Refugee conventions that has sent Greece emergency funds to help refugees but they have declined because they feel it will only attract more refugees to their country. It also explains that most people that are desperate enough to flee from Syrian and Afghanistan are forced to higher smugglers and the rate for a smuggler going from Syria to Sweden is from ten to eighteen thousand dollars. This form of transportation is far more expensive than a plane ticket, but it is also far more dangerous. This article gives great details as to how the refugees get to Europe and how they are treated up on arrival. This article will show how most of Europe is dealing with the large numbers of refugees and what groups that are non governmental helping them.

D.I reacted with a feeling of sadness and heartbreak for all of those people that are seeking refuge in another country because theirs is being destroyed. What I found most interesting about this source was that there are many people in Europe that volunteer to help the migrants so they are treated horribly as they come in to the country. I was surprised to read that Europe has programs that were designed after World war 2 to help the migrants. I was also shocked to read that law enforcement makes it almost impossible for refugees to apply for asylum by not allowing them to.

3 thoughts on “A Refugees life in Europe

  1. jml1123 says:

    Yes i have seen this video and i believe the actions that woman made toward the refugees made her look inhumane and she deserved to get fired. They are constantly being mistreated, but some countries do not have any idea of what they are going to do with them because they hurt a country mostly economically.


  2. eng102dulcemartinez says:

    I did a little more research on how different countries are helping, specifically how many refugees are being taken in by different countries and I was very surprised at some of the information I ran into. I had no idea that countries outside of EU were also taking in refugees! I thought that was neat but at the same time it shows how bad of a situation this is. The fact that there are refugees being sent all over the world but that the situation is still not so much better is kind of scary!


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