Refugee’s Hope

Collard, Rebecca (2015). Migrants Find a Safer Route Into Europe via the Balkans. Retrieved Oct 21, 2015, from

This brief article is focused on a few particular refugees fleeing from their home in Syria. The refugees talk about the different paths there are to travel; some are dangerous and other paths are considered “weak” to be able to cross freely. They give a few details about their own journey and the journey of other friends that have tired to reach their destination. Not all who cross into Greece, Italy, or France make it there safely. Most of these refugees make it across because of traffickers but, most take advantage of them and some will not survive.

I choose this article in particular because it had a more personal focus on the related issue. Other articles that have been shared or posted for this discussion have a very broad approach. This article is focused on a few refugees that have taken the time to give their personal side of the story. One of the refugees named Abu Hassan fled from his native Syria sometime back in March. He discusses that he was determined to get his family to Europe, he had considered crossing from Libya by boat through the Mediterranean Sea. “I decided it’s too dangerous. Not with the children,” says Abu Hassan, who is now sleeping in a park with eight of his family members in the Serbian capital, Belgrade. Instead, they made their way to Turkey, took a short boat trip to Greece and then paid smugglers to take them through Macedonia, stuffed in the back of a truck with 190 other migrants and refugees, to the Serbian border. (Collard, 2015) Crossing from Libya by boat trough the Mediterranean Sea has been recorded as one of the most popular routes but, this year alone an estimated 1,500 people have drowned in the choppy waters off the North African coast. (Collard, 2015) Traffickers are taking advantage of the refugees in Libya, as soon as traffickers have boats available they will send refugees across; some of them make it there and others do not and the traffickers do not seem to care. Now, tens of thousands of migrants and refugees — desperate to escape violence and poverty at home — have opted for this safer Balkan land route through the former Yugoslavia and into the E.U. through Hungary. Last month alone 7,000 migrants and refugees — primarily from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan — crossed the frontier between Serbia and Hungary, according to Frontex. Last April, just 900 crossed there. (Collard, 2015)  Taking into account that today things have escalated more and more people are fleeing form Syria trying to get to Europe and the popular routes like Macedonia in Grease are over whelmed with refugees. They are now trying to take action because some 44,000 people have reportedly traveled through Macedonia in the past two months, meeting little border resistance, but razor wire has now been rolled across the frontier to prevent people from entering. (BBC News, 2015)

My reaction to this and related stories are mostly of confusion and sadness. Confusion because I can see both sides of these events, I can see why the European countries are concerned and wanting to stop and take action because there are too many refugees trying to cross. I can also see the desperation of the people trying to cross into Europe because they feel that there is hope for them there. It saddens me to see that like in the Macedonian border they have taken such actions by putting up barbed wire fences and having military/police stand offs with these refugees who are not traveling alone. These refugees are traveling with their family which includes children. In the photos captured in BBC News articles you can see the pain and sadness it brings them because they are being outcast. It makes you think that there should be more being done about this issue. Not only helping the refugees and giving them asylum in the European countries but, there should be more focus to try to change their living situation in Syria. By helping Syria and other countries make changes this issue could have a better outcome.

One thought on “Refugee’s Hope

  1. eng102dulcemartinez says:

    There undoubtedly is no safe way for these refugees to reach their destinations. And it’s so sad that people(smugglers) are taking advantage of them. I’m amazed at how much they charge. It’s almost sort of perplexing. I’ve heard about the “coyotes” smuggling in Mexicans to the U.S for $3,000 or $5,000 but I’ve never heard of them being charged as much as these refugees are being charged.


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