Refugee track across Europe

Migrant crisis: Migration to Europe explained in graphics – BBC News. (2015, October 23). Retrieved October 26, 2015, from

The migrant crisis in Europe continues to be big news and this article shows exactly how many lives are affected. With vivid maps and graphs used as detail it shows up exactly how many there are and where they are going. The staggering numbers on the maps and graphs show the reader just how serious and large this event is. Migrants from multiple countries are applying from asylum all across Europe and this article give accurate numbers and maps to support the information.

I chose this source because it gave more than words to explain and show the story they were trying to tell the readers. This source from the BBC because it contains pictures, graphs, and maps to show exactly what they are trying to say.The maps and graphs help show exactly where the immigrants are coming from and where they are going to. They help depict the staggering numbers of people that are fleeing their countries and seeking protection in Europe and the surrounding countries. The article also gives details into the agreement between the EU countries on how many refugees each will take and contains maps and graphs to support the numbers. There are still many refugees left without places to go and the media helps understand that. There are many migrants applying for asylum while many continue to enter the countries illegally. Some of them even losing their lives while trying to seek refuge elsewhere. The article contains greatly created graphs and charts to support the information given.

As I read and scrolled down this article I was shocked by the massive numbers shown in the graphics used. The maps and charts really helped me understand the number of people that are migrating to the EU countries. The refugees are coming from many different countries besides Syria and they are seeking asylum all over Europe. The EU emergency meeting to distribute numbers for the countries to take the refugees was pretty amazing to me. Seeing those countries come together to allow so many refugees to come into their lands and seek protection was amazing.

One thought on “Refugee track across Europe

  1. eng102dulcemartinez says:

    Oh wow! Yea, there is no better way to show what’s going on than through pictures! We read about the numbers but I think a lot of us(myself included) don’t fully understand exactly what that means for a country. I liked the first graph that showed the numbers in a circle on the country. It really put things in better perspective. I wish they had shown countries outside of the EU also.


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