The dangers of conforming

Houghton, Kristen (Oct 26, 2015). The sadness of conforming

In this article the author explains the price we have to pay when we try to conform to social norms. Society is always scrutinizing people for being different so for some individuals conforming is the only option. The author explains that there is a danger when fully conforming which is that we do not celebrate who we are because we want to be like a certain group of people. An example in the article is a woman that receives multiple plastic surgery operations because she really wanted to conform to the beauty that surrounds her which also calls her own beauty repulsive.

I chose this article because I believe that it is very similar to one of our required readings which is Social Influence: Social norms, Conformity, and compliance written by Robert B. Cialdini and Melanie R. Trost’s. In this article both of the authors explain that through the influence process we can change in a way that will move people from negative habits or they can be used clumsy reducing change for genuine movement and also explains that norms do not exist if they are not shared with others. In the article I chose of “The sadness of conformity” the article gives plenty of examples of people trying to conform, but are usually doing it for a negative reason and end up with negative results. Sometimes people conform and try to be like everyone else because they are forced to by society because our current society is not tolerant of the person who chooses a lifestyle that is not considered the norm. For example the article talks about a young man that was gay and was humiliated daily because of that so his choice to escape this was to commit suicide this is an example of the dangers one faces for being different in society. The article also tries to give a great life lesson which is it is ok to be different because being different means that you are happy with the person that you are. The ultimate danger of ultimate conformity is that we don’t celebrate who we are because we want to be like everyone else.

When I first read this article I was truly shocked to read how there are some people that will go through desperate measures to conform to what society wants them to be. After reading the article I asked myself, Why is it so important to them to live up to some one else’s standards? I was very shocked at how many people are unhappy with who they are and also how they are humiliated for being different. Humiliating people for being different can push them over the limit where they will harm themselves so it’s something we must learn as a society that it is ok to be different.

3 thoughts on “The dangers of conforming

  1. ollysalder says:

    Great Article, I like the analysis, with the “Twilight Zone”. Conformity still to this day is a struggle with today’s youth. Why people go to such lengths to fit it is beyond me. There is nothing wrong with being yourself, whatever you believe yourself to be. If that means you dress different, or act different then so be it. You are still a human being and deserve to be treated as such. No one can ever take that away from you, unless you let them and give in to what everyone else thinks you should be like. The most important thing in life should be you being happy with the way you are, not worrying about what everyone thinks of you. If someone doesn’t like you or accept you the way you are, then you don’t need them in your life.


  2. jml1123 says:

    I agree i am not sure why people feel the need to go through such extreme measures to meet other people expectations. I think they should be proud of who they are and not worry about what others think of them. People should learn that there are always going to be people that accepts them for who they are but i also believe that social media have great influences on young teens which makes them desire to be like others around them. That why i felt this article could explain why conforming can be very dangerous.


  3. mayraesc says:

    Wow, I was also shocked and saddened when I read the article you chose. It is really sad when people do not love them selves the way that they were created. There is only one of each person which makes them unique, there is nothing unique about wanting to look like the rest of the fake plastics. This reminds me of the show “Grey’s Anatomy” when they emphasize that all procedures must be done because the person wants them done for themselves and not to please some one else. This makes me wonder how plastic surgeons feel dealing with so many people with low self-esteem and putting their lives in danger? Rebels are usually stereotyped to be the savage ones who put their lives at risk, but at times it is the ones conforming to the standards that society has set who are in the most danger. This is such a complex subject with lots of different angles to be looked from, thank you for sharing your view on this topic!


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