Public Shaming of Children

WHO: Au, S., & Stavinoha, P. (2015, June 22). The Psychological Effects of Shaming Children. Retrieved November 6, 2015.


WHAT: This article talks mostly to parents about the psychological risks of publicly shaming their children. Through most parents have good intentions on trying to teach their children who are misbehaving a good lesson, some have taken this teaching to a whole new level. This article speaks up with some extra tools on how to discipline your children without publicly humiliating them.

WHY: I believe there is a time and a place for any kind of corrective action to your children. Sometimes that may be in the middle of a grocery store, when your little one who just cant handle the ride in the shopping cart. Though standing in the middle of the grocery store yelling and beating them is not right either. A trip to the bathroom and or a private area would be a great solution for that problem. I believe that children are learning all the time, and most importantly they are learning how much you love them and how to show love to others, how to be kind, and how to be respectful. They watch their parents very closely and learn from them and those who are closest to them. I chose this article because of the high volume of parents who are flooding social media thinking they are doing the “best thing” for their children by cutting their hair or following them through the hallways at school or making them stand on the sidewalk holding signs with their bad behavior on it. This form of public shaming is doing nothing for the child but empowering the child’s behavior and bringing a fame and attention to the parent. This is not corrective action, nor do I believe it to be of a healthy nature. This article was closely related to the little girl who committed suicide because of the bulling she received due to the public shamming her father posted on social media. Though it probably was not the only reason for her decision, she obviously was dealing with something deeper and instead of her dad loosing his cool and reacting he could have taken a more healthy corrective action. (

HOW: When I first read this source and many that are related to it, I was shocked as to how these parents were loosing it to try and make a point to their children. I guess I couldn’t believe that so many parents were taking things to this extreme. Have we really gotten to a point in our society that a parent is afraid to discipline their children? That public shamming is considered the best form of punishment for bad behavior? How is that showing love to your children? What is this teaching your children? In a youtube video I watched a mother even said that “she can’t spank her child without the fear of CPS being called so why not publicly humiliate them?”(

3 thoughts on “Public Shaming of Children

  1. nancywaldridge says:

    Yes, I believe that we have reached that society (that we’re afraid to discipline our children). I absolutely agree that there is a time and a place and as a parent, I wouldn’t partake in this time of punishment. Growing up, my siblings and I were punished by our parents raising their voices at us, grounding, spankings, etc. I feel that we turned out alright, but they never did that type of thing in public; they felt that there was a time and place as well and that causing a scene wasn’t necessary. I feel that in today’s society if you even raise your voice at children many people view that as child abuse, especially without children.

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  2. anthonys90 says:

    Very good choice for your article. You wouldn’t think public shaming of children would have such a negative effect, to the point of committing suicide. In today’s society it is a lot social media and less face to face interactions. Before reading what you found about this article I thought public shaming would be a good way to teach a lesson to your kids because everyone including their friends would see what they did wrong and force them to not ever make that same mistake again. I didn’t see at as a way that the parents felt they couldn’t physically discipline their children. But I do see both sides of this now and can see how it can become an issue and turn ugly.

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  3. girligirljessica says:

    Anthony, I was right there with you. I have even re-posted to social media some videos that had been going around on Facebook. Before i did some research on this topic, I to thought that the parents were doing a great thing, that the kids probably needed that drastic of a discipline to teach them a lesson. But seeing the other side and how much damage it can cause a child who is still growing and learning, I have quickly changed my view of this matter.


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