The Reality of Social Media

Smith-Walters, Maisie. (November 7, 2015) “The Fallout From a Social Media Bombshell”. Retrieved November 8, 2015.

What:  The article talks about the infamous video that popular blogger, Essena O’Neill, released this week. The reason behind the video, O’Neill explained on why she quit social media and why her life isn’t as perfect as pictures make it seem to be. Reactions upon the viewers are quite mixed. Many say she is an inspiration and a brave soul for sharing. Other say it was just a publicity stunt and a way to gain sponsors. Or she was just trying to generate publicity for her new website. Despite what someone believed was the purpose of the video, it caused a big reaction. O’Neill opens about the way social media stars get paid, the pressure of body image, fame, and social media “addiction” and it’s effect on reality.

Why: I choose this source, because social media has caused a huge impact on our generation today. Many make a living out of social media and have a necessity to feel  accepted by others for being part of this world. This makes a connection to our theme, because of the pressure teens feel to be involved on social media and the attention they crave from others. They want to be complimented by their “friends”, gain followers, and  likes. This is what we’ve come to, we depend on feedback behind screens. Social media is also very dangerous, because people then look at other’s pictures and start comparing their lives or themselves and fall into a pit of depression and desire to be like them. “Our need to connect, it’s becoming more like a series of interactions rather than connecting from depth and connecting from the heart. “The connections we make online can give us that warm glow, but we mustn’t mistake that for true connection.” (Ramlakhan, Nerina).

How: I felt quite gloomy as I read through this article. I was not surprised by this, because I’ve been aware of this issue for a long time. But, it is still slightly shocking on how we are living in today’s society through social media. We constantly check how many likes we get on our latest status on Facebook, how many followers we’ve gained on Instagram, how many views we get on our snapchat, or how we can make ourselves look perfect on pictures. It’s very unfortunate actually, on how we are depending so much on social media. Social media isn’t reality, nor is it an escape from it. I fear for the future on how more advanced and dependable social medias will be.

4 thoughts on “The Reality of Social Media

  1. jml1123 says:

    This is such a great article that you have chosen because i also agree that social media has caused a huge impact in our generation today. You really can’t meet anyone today that doesn’t have a Facebook or an Instagram account and you see many people walking around with their cellphones out taking pictures of everything. I agree with the author Essena O’Neil that social media can be quite dangerous for teens because of all the picture they will desire to be like someone and because they can’t they will become very depressed. Most of the time because they cannot get any compliments from friends or likes. This is a great article because i believe that social media can have a great influence on young people to be like others.

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  2. girligirljessica says:

    This was such a great post and I agree it goes really well with our themes. This is kind of a hard subject to step back and look at. Everyone in some way or another is connected to a social media or social electronic. It is really a shame that this girl Essena was trying to do the right thing for herself and was still getting this negative reaction out of people. I think it is healthy to sometimes step back and evaluate where you are at. If you are focusing to much on what others think about you then maybe removing those sources are the best thing for you. I know I love facebook and it literally overtakes my life sometime where I have to step back and almost put myself in a timeout and walk away from it for a while. I can’t imagine being a young person in our world today…young girls are being told what to look like and what to wear all around them and if they don’t look or act this way or that then they are inferior and not beautiful. I think Essena was realizing this and just wanted to go offline. Great post.


  3. mayraesc says:

    Awesome, love how you took a different view on the topic and related the issues of social media to our discourse themes! I kind of got excited to read and discuss about this. These really are the two types of people you see in social media and among celebrities! There are friends (on the rebellion side) who do not really care about how many likes, favorites, follows, etc. and only post to express them selves or share personal information to close friends. Then, there are those (the conformists) who want to be liked by everyone and go along with the crowd posting what everyone else does to get attention. You also see this in celebrities! There are the humble ones who do not body shame or try to fake the perfect image such as Lana Del Rey and Demi Lovato and then there are all the hundreds of models who starve themselves to look like what the media wants. Great example of rebellion vs conformity, thank you so much for sharing!


  4. AJ says:

    You did a great job connecting your article and the theme. You also did a great job of the choice you picked for your article. Well, we all know technology now a days is amazing. You can do a lot of things through technology. I am not surprised because I’ve seen it through people. Some people can’t even live without going on their phones, computers, iPod, and so forth. I think that Essena O’Neil shared a beautiful article for us people. The generation now is starting to pick up fast about technology and I know for sure that this will be a big problem for their future. I agree with you on saying that social media is dangerous. Technology now a days can track you down where ever you go and people can find where you’re at. Well, people need to step up for this because it can be too late to stop. Social media is not bad but abusing it everyday can be a problem. Great job on your discussion.


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