A Powerless Police Force

Gass, H. (2015, November 17). Baltimore riots report: Police must train for ‘large-scale critical incidents’ Retrieved November 19, 2015, from http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Justice/2015/1117/Baltimore-riots-report-Police-must-train-for-large-scale-critical-incidents
In this article it is pointed out how our police force is ill equipped and unable to properly handle civil unrest. Due to a lack of training and funding when large riots take place our police force is unable to properly handle the situation. This places our service men and women and the lives of fellow americans at risk.
I chose this source because it argues what I believe the public majority’s opinion of this topic is. I believe the majority thinks our police force needs less ability to use force and less equipment. In my opinion our police force could use more equipment and more training. This would lead to them responding more appropriately tactic and equipment wise. They would be able to handle and end situations like civil unrest much more easily and in the appropriate manner. To have peace they must prepare for the worst.
As I read this article I completely agreed with what the writer was saying. The Baltimore Riots were not properly handled due to a lack of police equipment and training. If they had been well equipped and had the proper training to handle the situation it would have been much more smoother.

3 thoughts on “A Powerless Police Force

  1. ollysalder says:

    Good Topic selection. I touched on this subject briefly in one of my papers. It is a harsh reality of what this country is coming to. With people being so easily offended by anything and everything that is being said or published its only a matter of time before another city implodes. I think the article brings up a good point that most police forces may have neglected such training like riot control, and if they have neglected this what else have they neglected? I don’t think this is the case in all the major cities but it is a reality we must face and the police forces need to take a long hard look at.


  2. nancywaldridge says:

    This is a great topic for power and powerless. This reminds me also of how the government is trying to take away the right to carry firearms. If we disarm law abiding citizens and offer less training to police and ill fitted equipment we are basically surrendering to criminals and terrorists, both foreign and domestic. The police and the military should be prepared for anything. The saying goes “I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.” This applies here; the police force may not always need riot training or certain protection but in the event that they may need it, they should have access to it. This would prevent so many lives from being lost.


  3. mayraesc says:

    Another great example on this topic! I also believe the police force could definitely use more training. Although, as I was reading the article I did not read anything about equipment. Is that your personal opinion? What makes you think that and what kind of equipment were you meaning? I honestly do not believe equipment is what they’re lacking, unless it is a shield. I am all for our military men walking around with weapons on them because I am not bothered by it at all, they are trained to be examples of discipline and responsibility. They are also properly trained to handle weapons as, “every marine is a basic rifleman”. When it comes to the police force, I have equal respect for them, but I also agree with the article that they are lacking training on handling riots and still do not seem to learn from previous incidents. The untrained police officers who prefer to blow off their trainings to put in over time are making the police force look bad in my opinion. Just as Spiderman is told, “With great power comes great responsibility.” A mature police man should be able to easily take down a young boy without having to shoot him to death. It is sad when the police men take advantage of their power with the help of weapons to take down powerless civilians.


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