Military Power

Shoichet, C., & Tuchman, G. (2015, July 17). Chattanooga shooting: 4 Marine killed in Tennessee – Retrieved November 22, 2015, from

This article is about a shooting incident that took place in Chattanooga, Tennessee at a Marine Corps recruiting station and Naval Reserve Center. A lone gun man opened fire on a recruiting office at a strip mall and then drove over seven miles away to a Naval reserve center an began firing. There were four Marines that were killed during the shooting and three people that were injured before the suspect was finally shot and killed. FBI took over investigation of the incident to try and discover if the attack was an act of terrorism or a lone act of violence.

I chose this article because I feel that it relates to the discourse theme of power and powerless. When people think of the military, they think of a very powerful fighting force that is used to defend our country and freedom. However, the act of violence from a single gunman towards the military has sparked an uproar with many people believing that the military is actually powerless because they were unable to defend themselves. There are many people that believe that service men and women should be allowed to carry firearms to protect themselves from those who would look to cause harm to military personnel. Many people also believe that if military personnel are given authority to carry weapons then that what be seen as giving them to much power which may in turn cause people to feel uneasy. In my opinion, I believe that service men and women should be allowed to carry firearms for the use of protection so long as they follow strict guidelines involving weapon safety and the rules of engagement. In order to keep our fighting force strong, we need to keep those who are defending this country safe so that they can continue to support and defend our country.

When I read this article I felt angry because I too am a Marine and it was four of my fellow Marines that were killed in the shooting. I find it terrible to read that there are those who live in this country that are looking to cause harm to those who are willing to give up their lives in order to protect them. I find it appalling that it takes a terrible incident to occur in order for certain people to start rethinking the security of military installations. I think that providing military members with the best protection possible should have been top priority so that they can continue to do their jobs.

5 thoughts on “Military Power

  1. nancywaldridge says:

    This is a perfect example of power and powerless. Some don’t think that this type of violence can’t happen in places such as a recruiting stations, MEPS, etc. (Expect the difference there is that I believe that MEPS stations have armed guards). Military members should have the right to defend themselves in their place of business. I feel this way about military bases as well. Yes, we have PMO regulating the front gate and they are our personal police force but what happens when someone falls through the cracks, gets on base with a gun and the intend to kill, or even a service member (Ft Hood for example) We should have the right to carry at recruiting stations and on base. We are given the training and told to be safe, etc. but when it comes down to it we are deprived of the ability to do so by not being able to carry. Excellent example and good points. I complete agree with you and it should make people angry. This shouldn’t have happened, period.


  2. ollysalder says:

    Great choice of article, As you I too am a Marine, I have visited that very Reserve Center while I was on Recruiting duty. It hit very close to home when it is a place to you actually been to that is attacked. Not the target you would normally expect someone to attack, you would expect more of an Active Military base to be attacked. Having been on Recruiting Duty for 3 years and living with the same threat I can appreciate everyone wanting to carry weapons for self defense. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against people owning guns, but coming from a country that only allows you to own guns for hunting purposes, and with very little gun related violence, where only in major cities are the police force actually armed, I have to believe that if it were the same in this country, and guns in general weren’t as readily accessible that crimes like these would be less likely to happen. Of course, Terrorists will always find a way to get what they need, but if we left these matters in the hands of the civilian authorities I believe we would all be much better off.


  3. mayraesc says:

    Excellent example of power and powerless! I was so excited reading your post because I also believe that our service men should be allowed to carry weapons, it is only right! Since their duty is to keep us safe and themselves also, being our first line of defense against any serious terrorist attacks or invasion. They are also among the most skilled with weapons and disciplined members of this country. I was a little hyped up reading this, being totally against gun control, but then saddened when you mentioned you are also a marine. It is always sad hearing about losing members of the military and I can only imagine it is way more personal for someone who is part of the military family. Great article and example of power/powerless!


  4. waggonerjohn says:

    I completely agree with your opinion on this subject. Military members that are serving off a base should have the option to carry weapon for self defence. If they can off duty then why not on? And if we have Military Police and Duties that carry firearms even while on a secure base then why are our recruiters not carrying while out in the public. It only makes sense.


  5. AJ says:

    First of all I would like to thank you for your service. Your opinion is on point. This relates to power and powerless. The articles you chose was a great one and it is very interesting. I feel sorry for these 4 marines that were killed in this incident. People should understand that these military people are fighting for our freedom. Well, we can’t stop the act of violence once it occurs. I agree with you that military people should be armed because they are the one that are target the most too. People might feel unfair about that but this is something that is needed to be done, but like you said as long as they know how to use and follow guidelines about firearms. What this man did was terrible. Thank you for sharing and great job choosing this article.


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