The 43 Missing Students Case

(2015, October 21). Mexico reopens investigation into 43 missing students. BBC News.

What: This article talks about the case of the 43 missing students from Iguala and how the investigation is reopened. The case occurred in 2014 , yet justice has not been served nor  answers or demands have been answered. This caused huge controversy and heartbreak in all Mexico and even captured the sympathy of people from all around the world. Government breaks down on what occurred to the students, but people are really skeptical about it and are certain that this is not the true story.

Why: I chose this article, because it shows how the government can get away with things because of the power they own. It all started with a protest from the students. It was nothing, but peaceful yet authorities  took this as a threat or an act against the government. After a violent encounter with the police, 43 of the students were allegedly taken to the police headquarters and that was the last anyone heard of them. The government claimed the students where there to boycott a political event, but the students claim they were there to raise funds for their school.  “According to the official report, the students were seized by corrupt municipal police officers who handed them over to members of a local drugs gang. The drugs gang mistook the students for members of a rival gang, killed them and burned their bodies at the dump before throwing their ashes into a nearby stream. ” (BBC) This was the government’s version of the events. Though family members of the victims or the rest of Mexico did not believe their story one bit. “They think officials have failed to investigate the role soldiers from a nearby barracks may have played in the students’ disappearance. The government has refused to let the soldiers, who were in the area at the time of the disappearance, be questioned by anyone but government prosecutors. The families also point to the report by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights which said that there was no evidence the bodies of the 43 were burned at the dump.” (BBC) In an attempt to demand answers and justice from the government, the people of Guerrero participated in a march to the capital of the state, Chilpancingo, which ended in violence towards the governmental buildings of the city. This case reminds of both articles of Ferguson and the police service. What are policemen for? Are they there to protect us? Or are they there to make us fear them? Will we ever obtain justice by the government’s unfair, unjust actions?

How: Till this day, I am still in shock and pain by this  tragedy.  Not only that, but I feel anger towards this unfair act by the government. I can’t even imagine the agony and desperation the family members of the missing students feel of not knowing or receiving answers. Instead of getting answers, more questions are being raised. What grinds my gears even more is the fact on how lightly President Pena Nieto was handling the case. As investigations advance, they get more complicated and more outrage rises from the people. It is not okay to leave this case unanswered and it is definitely not okay to stop without justice getting served. Will we ever discover, what really happened to those 43 missing students? 

3 thoughts on “The 43 Missing Students Case

  1. jml1123 says:

    I have read about this tragic incident before but this is the best article because i have learned exactly what happened. I have seen how angry people have become from how silent some officials are and because they do not know what actually happened to the students.It also shows how corrupt politicians can be i mean going to these extreme measures because college students are protesting is ridiculous. Governments are always getting away with unjust actions while they continue to attack the rights of law abiding citizens.There has to be justice for those students and their families, has the president actually tried finding out what happened? there are many questions that we need answered and many people that need to be brought to justice.


  2. anthonys90 says:

    Very good choice of article. It is true that in some countries like Mexico those who are suppose to protect and serve the people do the opposite. There is a lot of corruption and does not help the fight against those drug/gang members. I don’t understand why they would try to make up a story to try to cover up what really happened to those 43 missing students. I hope that they eventually to make a real investigation and prosecute those responsible, even if it was members of the police anyone involved should be brought to justice.


  3. AJ says:

    This is a excellent choice of article. I’m not sure about these countries like Mexico and how the government works there. Well, I totally agree with you about them having the power over people. The government are making different choices because they think they have the power over these poor people. I feel bad about these 43 missing students. I am pretty sure they are out there somewhere but the bad government is twisting the stories about these poor students. I know for sure that families of these kids are still fighting wanting to know the story behind this. Instead of giving the people answers they just turn around and say the same old story. I hope that they will find out the real truth about these students. I don’t believe in what the government said about these poor students. I am glad you chose this article because it is very interesting and nice. Great job on your discussion.


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