Officials May Have Loophole to Ban Firearms

Who? (APA format)

Warning: Obama Might Have Just Figured Out How To Take Your Guns Away. (2014, April 22). Retrieved November 21, 2015.

What? (Brief summary) President Obama’s administration has the goal to stop gun violence. The ATF issued “proposed rules” in 2014 to increase the amount of American who would be prohibited from owning guns to include Veterans. Their way of doing this is by changing the meaning of words in various laws passed by Congress. (As if taking guns away from law abiding citizens will end all gun violence brought on by criminals who disregard the law). According to this article, federal law doesn’t allow anyone who have been detained for mental defect to own firearms. The ATF claims Congress’ terminology used in those laws are outdated. Congress’ intentions for this was not to target combat vets suffering with PTSD, however Obama’s administration is targeting this group particularly. Feds also doesn’t allow people who have been institutionalized for a mental illness from owning firearms. The ATF wants to change the meaning of these laws to anyone who has been impatient or outpatient to health facilities due to mental issues (i.e. some cases of PTSD)

Why? (Choice of topic) I chose this topic because I fully support to the second amendment and I strongly oppose the effect to take guns away from law abiding citizens with clean backgrounds and especially those whose are properly trained in how to use them. Taking guns away from stable and law abiding citizens is unconstitutional in my opinion. This won’t stop gun violence. Taking guns away from those who wish to use them for self defense, in particular, will only leave them powerless and will give complete control to the government and to criminals who disregard the law and will obtain firearms from the black market and use them against helpless individuals.

How? (Personal reaction) My personal reaction to those who intend to take away our gun rights is shock and horror. I fully support the 2nd amendment. This particular article surprises me. I can understand not allowing those who are truly mentally ill not to possess firearms. But I feel that there is a hidden agenda here and that is to disarm our veterans, and that is only the beginning.

2 thoughts on “Officials May Have Loophole to Ban Firearms

  1. anthonys90 says:

    Interesting choice of article. I do agree with your main point, that is that there should be restrictions or clearance to those who have mental issues and mainly signs of being violent or unstable individuals to obtain a gun. It is sad to see that this could be targeted towards veterans, I can see why it can be an issue for a PTSD diagnosed veteran to be unfit to own a gun because they have been trained to use guns but are mentally unstable in certain cases and they could be dangerous. Now, on the other hand I can see that even with restrictions there will still be a high number of danger overall because those who want guns to do harm will always find a way to obtain one with or without clearance. It is sad to see that the rights of those good citizens that want firearms for protection or for game would have the potential of losing that right. It really comes down to people, people need to stop thinking that violence is the answer. They need to stop putting innocent lives in danger and maybe we wouldn’t need to fight over gun control rights.


  2. AJ says:

    Your main point was awesome. I agreed with you about the second amendment. Well, from my perspective, I don’t think taking away guns will stop gun violence. This is something they should’ve stop way from the beginning. Now a days people are smart and if their guns were to remove they still have the knowledge to get another one or make one. I am not saying that taking away guns is a bad thing but Obama should understand that more than thousands of people in this world that own guns. I pretty sure these people won’t let go of their guns because of self protection. Well, this is probably the major reason why most people own guns. I’m really happy about your main point and the way you discussed you article. You made it interesting for us to read and understand. Keep up the good work.


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