Who: Bennett-Smith, M. (n.d.). Jose Lagares, Dad, Publicly Bullies Son To Shame Him For … Bullying. Retrieved November 9, 2015.

What: This article is about a dad who is upset with this 4th grader son bullying kids at school and makes him create a homemade sign that reads: “I am a Bully. Honk if you hate Bullying” The father, Jose Lagares, suggests that bullying is a form of public humiliation (so is what he is doing to his son) and he feels that maybe if he makes his son do this and humiliate himself he will see how it feels to be made a fool of and he won’t want to continue to bully his classmates. The action had mixed responses. Some applauded his actions, while others wondered if it was the right approach. Author, Alfie Kohn argues that not only it is disrespectful, it is counterproductive. However, Lagares stands by his action and even created a sign of his own and standing on the street which read “I’m not sorry. Honk to stop bullying.”

Why: I chose this article/topic because I feel that it is becoming more popular in today’s society. It also fits into our reading as a form of rebellion on the defector’s part and conformity on that of the parent in my opinion. As I said before, I feel that this method is becoming more popular with the social media generation. It’s all about public statements and Instragam likes to justify our method of parenting. I almost feel as if this is replacing a lot of the disciplines that in my and I’m sure many of my classmate’s younger years experienced. When I was a child, it was normal to be yelled at, receive spankings, time out, be grounded, and my elders to insist and ensure that myself and my siblings had good manners and respect. My parents took the approach of leading by example, telling us what they expected and if these things were violated we were disciplined with a stern voice, a spanking, grounding, loss of privileges, etc. In my childhood, my friends and I didn’t like to disobey our parents for those reasons. I think that in today’s society, an over-privileged society with a disregard for authority, parents are looking for different ways to punish their children. And for some of those parents, they have made their children spoiled now and don’t know how to deal with them other than to publicly shame them for their discrepancies.

How: I have two small children, one is just under 3 years and the other is 3 months. For the most part, my husband and I agree with our styles of parenting. We are more old fashion and take some methods from our childhood. In turn, my 3 year old has more manners, discipline and respect than a lot of kids that I’ve seen twice her age. This is because we let her know what we expect in terms of saying please and thank you, excuse, “may I have this” “may I do that” and always end with please! We do believe in spankings and time out. However, I would never put my children through this. I personally feel that discipline should be a personal thing. There is a time and a place for it. I don’t believe in public scenes and involving others in my children(‘s) wrong doings. I understand the reasoning for it, I suppose but I wouldn’t do it and I don’t really agree with it, especially for a 4th grade aged child. A teenager or adult, MAYBE, not a child. I understand what the kid did was wrong and he should be punished but I don’t it should’ve been in this way.


  1. AJ says:

    I like the connection you made between your article and our theme. This is something that is all over the world (BULLYING). I am a person that really don’t like bullying and I think that this is the most disrespecting thing I know. I don’t think what the father did was wrong. The son needs to learn his lesson of not to bully anymore. The father actually did something for his son to know that bullying is not a good thing. Well, some people can see this in a disrespectful way but I don’t think so. If my dad was to do this to me I would take it to heart and do something about it, learn from it. There a reason to every mistake. I hope the kid learn from what the father did. Bullying must be stop. I like your opinion on your article. Great job on your discussion.


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