Virtual dating: Let the computer decide your (romantic) fate!

By Kristen V. Brown | March 4, 2015

This article focuses on the lack of science behind online dating. Online dating websites suggest that they have the magic tool to find you a list of potential perfect soul mates within minutes of filling out a profile. French essayist, Francios Rochefoucauld wrote that true love is like a ghost, many talk about it but few have actually seen it themselves. As previously stated, online dating offers singles to find love with just a click away.

EHarmony for instance was founded by a clinical psychologist who suggests that marriage that fail are typically because they are just too different. In turn dating sites such as this one offers a scientific method of systematizing human attraction. Eli Finkel argues that the science is bogus and there is no evidence proving that these sites do anything more than increasing the pool of potential partners. Singles believe that online dating is just an alternative to dating in real life, it wants them to believe it is better and convenient.

Stanford sociologist Michael Rosenfeld suggests that the online dating world is just smoke and mirrors. OkCupid’s approach is a method of asking users a series of questions based on three variables: their personal answer, the answer they’d like their match to give and how important it is to them.

Experts say that the problem with online dating is that compatibility can’t be theoretically calculated and that people are usually bad at figuring out what they want in the first place. The founder of OkCupid, is even skeptical of sites that claim an overly scientific approach.  And that with his site, they don’t claim to evaluate anyone perfectly they only claim to find someone who claims to fulfill someone’s relationship requirements.

The reason that I chose this article is that it is incredibly relevant to our generation. We are obsessed with technology and convenience. We would much rather put our attention in our phones and other devices to communicate with someone and perhaps even fall in love with an idea rather than a person. This takes away from the organic build of a true relationship. This deprives us of suspense and excitement of asking someone for their phone number or a date on Friday night, personal interaction, and personal attraction. I personally don’t like online dating. I’m married now and have been for over a year, and ironically I met my husband on an online dating website. I was new to an area and my friend convinced me to try it. Although its seemed to work out well for us, I don’t believe in the idea that a database can replace our judgment and personal interaction and attractiveness.

One thought on “Virtual dating: Let the computer decide your (romantic) fate!

  1. AJ says:

    I totally agreed with this you. Now a days people are all about technology and technology has been updated with a lot of new stuffs. For me, I don’t believe in online dating. Online dating is a whole new level of dating. Dating someone on the internet won’t even work for me. For example, Manti Te’o (NFL professional player), he dated a girl online for almost 2 years without seeing her in person but just talking on the phone and messaging each other. Manti Te’o dedicated a lot of his stuffs to this girl but he didn’t know that she was fake and that she is not real. When he found out about this he was surprised of how he gave it his all for nothing. This is something people should understand now a days. Dating online won’t work every single time. I like the way you explained this article, and plus your opinion about this article is on point. I agreed with you. Good job on the discussion.


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