“The Jungle” in France

WHO: Bajekal, Naina. “Migrants Wait With Hope, Resignation at Camp Called ‘the Jungle'” Time. Time, 1 Aug. 2015. Web. 06 Dec. 2015. <http://time.com/3981246/inside-calais-camps-jungle/&gt;.

WHAT: This article is about how thousands of migrants are flooding the French Port City of Calais in hopes to make it to England. The begining of this article is talking about a man who had left his family about a year a go to find his way to England. These migrants are drawn to England because they either speak the same language, have relatives and friends who have settled there or they believe the job market will be better than that in France. While other are loosing hope living waiting out in the “jungle” many end up applying for asylum in France and are giving themselves a time frame by which they will give up trying to reach England. Some have been waiting in the “jungle” a very long time while they are waiting for papers to be processed.

WHY AND HOW: I chose this article because if you continue to read to the end you will find a joy that will fill your heart as you read about the way these people are choosing to find the good in their very unfair situation. They are taking their professions and their education to help those in small hospitals tents, selling food and supplies to make a little extra profit and setting up schools to teach and play with the children. Though their circumstances have been tough and many have lost loved ones along the way, these people are fighters and I admire how strong they are and how determined they are to find a new way of life and a safe and better home for their families. The “Jungles” living conditions are not the best of the best. This Camp was set up without clearance and because of this France neglected to help for a long time. The regulations were to have 20 people to one toilet, whereas in the “Jungle” there is about 300 people to one toilet. But the people are starting to make things better and the living conditions are increasing. I think the migrants get blamed a lot for the war that is taking place in their country, when they are just a victim  of war. They are trying their best to get as far away from the war as possible. Trying to survive, and trying to do all they can to take care of their families and themselves. I can only imagine being in their shoes, I would hope that the people around me would do all they could to gather together and help one another in times of need, as well as play Michael Jackson music for everyone to dance to.

One thought on ““The Jungle” in France

  1. AJ says:

    This is such and interesting article. I totally agreed with your discussion. These people are hard working people. They are the ones that are not giving up for what is right. They do this so in order for them to live a happier life and have a safe environment. I can’t even imagine myself in their shoe, it is just sad. I feel bad for these people because they are running all over the place to look for somewhere safe but they didn’t do anything bad. Like you said, they are just victims in war. I hope that people will stand up for these innocent people and give them a hand for what they need. Great job on explaining your article.


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