Police Officer Charged with Murder

CNN WIRES. (NOVEMBER 24TH, 2015). “Chicago Police Officer Charged with Murder after shooting teenager 16 times”. Retrieved December 7th, 2015. http://fox2now.com/2015/11/24/chicago-police-officer-charged-with-murder-after-shooting-teenager-16-times/

What: This article shared a story about a police officer who was charged with first degree murder for shooting a teenager 16 times. This police officer killed the poor teenager for nothing. Although, the teenager had a 4 inch knife with him but he didn’t even show sign of violence. The video of this incident was released one year after this was happened. Jason Van Dyke (policeman) turned himself in to authorities. Police are entrusted to uphold the law, and provide safety to our residents. Well Van Dyke did the opposite. It was told that he was scared to death because he had a wife and two kids waiting for him at home so he didn’t want to die, therefore he shot the poor teenager 16 time.

Why: The reason why I chose this topic because it fits our discourse theme which is power and powerless. This article makes me sad because the policeman didn’t even gave the poor teenager a chance. He shot him 16 times even after he went to the ground. Some policemen think they have the power to everything and everyone. It doesn’t mean they are armed then they can do whatever to residents. This topic is really interesting to me because reading through this makes me changed my thoughts about good police officers. Well, not all police officers are bad but there are some that don’t even know how to control. I think people should stand up for this before it becomes a major problem in the nation.

How: Reading through this article makes me angry because these poor people just die from doing nothing. This teenage kid wasn’t even show sings of violence towards the policemen but one of the police office which is Jason Van Dyke, shot him 16 times. The power that they think they have in them should be treated with something that is safe. They should teach the police officers when to shoot and when not to shoot. This is not the first incident I’ve read about policemen shootings. There are a lot other shooting that have been all over social media. People should stand up for this and do something that is right to do.

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