Syrian Refugees Denied in the U.S

Ashley Fantz and Ben Brunfield. (November 19th, 2015). “More than half the nation’s governors say Syrian refugees not welcome”. Retrieved December 7th, 2015.

What: This article talks about how more than half of the United States state governors are denying entrance to the Syrian refugees that are trying to find refuge in their states. About 1,500 Syrian refugees were welcomed into the U.S in 2011, which is nearly nothing. Obama has stated that 10,000 Syrian refugees will be allowed to enter the U.S., which is a huge increase from the amount in 2011. However, majority of the states are refusing to accept any refugees due to the recent terror that occurred in Paris earlier last month. It was reported that one of the ISIS attackers were able to enter France by camouflaging into the one of the waves of Syrian refugees. Since this report, governors across the nation have made it known that if Obama does decide go through with his statement next year, they will refuse to cooperate in providing assistance and refuge to the Syrians.

Why: I chose this article because I think it demonstrates as a clear example of what inclusion vs exclusion looks like. These Syrians have been forced to flee their country due to the sense of exclusion and mistreatment that they are made to feel by their own government and leaders. What was once a united nation has a become overthrown with corrupt leaders and unnecessary violence, leaving many Syrians  no choice but to flee otherwise they’ll be tortured or worse, killed. I think that many Syrians are having difficulty finding refuge in other countries, causing many to be left with no place that they can call home. Now, the US, a country that has decided to open their arms and welcome some of the refugees, is facing challenges of its own as it tries to get all the states to comply.

How: After going through this article, I was very saddened. Not only does the failure to comply make me sad, but also the overall situation regarding the Syrian refugees. I think that way too many innocent people are being denied aid and assistance due to the merciless actions of Isis. I think that the whole situation is terrible, speaking on both sides. For the Syrian refugees, I am remorseful as to what they are facing. I think that countries should open up their arms and help these refugees who are forced to flee their own home. Many first world countries were once in Syria’s shoes at some point in time, in terms of civil war, so why not choose to help instead of turning their backs on the refugees? But then again, from the US’s point of view, more particularly the governors’, I understand where they are coming from. National security is very important, and before we look at helping others we must put ourselves first. Opening the doors to Syrian refugees will definitely put the US in a vulnerable position, as ISIS members can easily wiggle their way through the borders by disguising as refugees. All in all, I think the whole situation is a difficult one to handle.

One thought on “Syrian Refugees Denied in the U.S

  1. rosalyng2015 says:

    I think your article and the situation of the governors is very similar to the situation Macedonia is facing with Syrian refugees trying to enter Macedonia from Greece. It is not a question of being inhumane so much as being able to provide the care and facilities necessary. Just how much responsibility should one take? Should all of Syria be abandoned? You mentioned Civil War, but these people are not fighting for their freedom or rights. They are running from their civil responsibilities. Yet in the past when the U.S. has tried to arm rebels we have been condemned on the international arena. So, we arm them so they can protect themselves and we are wrong. We get an international agency, say like the UN to go in and settle the issue and we are condemned. We do not allow them to come to the U.S. and we are wrong. It is a dilemma that could be solved several different ways but none of them are painless. Until people are able to stop worrying about what to call them though, stop focusing on the political correctness, we will probably never be able to concentrate on the main issue of unrest and instability in Syria that started it all. Is it really all that hard to imagine that we (who once had West Berlin located in the heart of Communist East Germany, provided airlift supply runs for over 300 days, and successfully ended the Berlin Blockade without a war) cannot provide a safe zone in Syria to provide aid to Syrians in Syria?


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