What A Lovely Tattoo

McGregor, Jena. (November 2, 2015). “The tattoo is becoming less taboo than work.” Retrieved December 7, 2015. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/on-leadership/wp/2015/11/02/the-tattoo-is-becoming-less-taboo-at-work/

What: This article talks about how tattoos have evolved gradually within the workforce environment. What was once seen as a form of rebellion and unprofessionalism, has began to take conformity. The article’s primary focus is on the major food joint, Jimmy John’s, and discusses how the restrictive dress code will be loosening its policies on tattoos. Other major companies such as Starbucks and PetSmart have also made a similar policy shift as well. Although not all tattoos will be allowed, such as tattoos that are explicit, profane, or facial, it is a step forward.

Why: The reason for selecting this article is because tattoos have been an ongoing controversy for years now. It is nothing new. For a long time, they have been looked at as a taboo, something that wasn’t appropriate for work environments. We all know the role tattoos have played within “rough” communities, especially prisoners and sailors. The idea that tattoos were associated with crime has been around for generations, and so easily many companies label it as unprofessional. However, I think that this article goes to show that tattoos should not be confined to these communities.

How: I was very impressed and glad to have come across this article. For a long time, I have always believed that the severity of the tattoo restriction policies has costed many employers. It has caused them to lose potentially great employees due to such strictness which I think is quite silly. Yes, I do understand that there should be a line drawn as to what tattoos are suitable for work environments, but I think that it has been too strict. Reading this article gave me satisfaction because it has opened doors for many who have previously been denied jobs because of a visible tattoo. I think that employers are making a necessary conformity to the norms of society in order to benefit both parties, which is great!

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