Syrian Refugees Forced to Return to War Zone

Knell, Yolande. “Desperate Syrian Refugees Return to War Zone – BBC News.” BBC News. N.p., 12 Oct. 2015. Web. 20 Dec. 2015. <;.

What: As the war in Syria grows more and more, Syrian refugees are looking for a safer, easier place to live. At first Syrian refugees, with help from the United Nations, found refugee camps in Jordan that met their needs but now these camps are becoming expensive. Many of the Syrian refugees can no longer afford to live in Jordan because of the hardships they are facing. The United Nations has tried to help these refugees but donations for the cause have been slowly decline. Due to these hard times, Syrian refugees are beginning to leave Jordan and return home to Syria permanently.

Why: The United Nations refugee agency has been receiving donations from people all over the world to help the Syrian refugees. Lately, the amount of donations the United Nations refugee agency has been receiving has been much less than in the past.  This lack of funds leaves the Syrian refugees ultimately on their own when it comes to surviving in the Jordan refugee camps. When Syrian refugees migrate to Jordan they are not legally permitted to work nor do they receive free medical care. Although some refugees are able to work illegally for short amounts of time, they are not earning enough money to support their families. The lack of free medical care has only added another high expense that the Syrian refugees cannot afford. The refugees know there will be medical in Syria for free, this is one of the main factors encouraging Syrian refugees to return to Syria. The refugees are giving up and beginning to exclude themselves from the safe camps in Jordan to return to Syria. In the article, “Macedonia Migrants: Hundreds Rush Border,(” Macedonia immigrants are fighting to enter into the country of Greece, where they believe they will find a better life. These immigrants believe they will find a better life in Greece but are not guaranteed, just as the Syrian refugees. The Macedonian migrants are fighting for a place that could be equally as bad as the place they started. Unlike many Macedonian migrants, Syrian refugees made their way into a much safer area but found themselves poor and ended up returning home. It is interesting to compare the Syrian refugees arrival, struggle, and return home to Macedonian migrants’ battle to find a safer place.

How: Reading the article, “Desperate Syrian Refugees Return to War Zone (Knell), ” left me completely shocked. I was so surprised to read that Syrian refugees are struggling so severely that they rather living in war zone Syria has become. It was also very interesting to read that the United Nations has began to receive less donations to support these refugees. I also do not understand why Jordan is not allowing the Syrian refugees to work legally while they are there. The allowment of permitted working could solve many issues for the Syrian refugees. I would like to further research why Jordan is not allowing work permits, as well as, how well the Syrian refugees who have returned to Syria are doing.

6 thoughts on “Syrian Refugees Forced to Return to War Zone

  1. rosalyng2015 says:

    I found your article and comments interesting. While I do not puzzle so much about why Jordan would not issue work permits I do have other questions. For example, if the situation in Syria was so unbearable that people left and then they returned are those people still refugees or are they migrants? There is no doubt the situations in both countries were terrible but the label of refugee implies that one cannot return. I would also be interested in learning more about the living conditions of those returning to Syria. However, I would also like to know more about their conditions before leaving. Were they truly refugees or were they migrants?


    • sarahsjs96 says:

      I fully understand your confusion as I asked myself the same question. The Syrians who are fleeing Syria are labeled as refugees as they have fled their homeland to find a safer place to dwell, even though some are returning. The Syrians who are returning to Syria are told by the United Nations Refugee Agency that their return is one way and they will not be aided if they try to flee later on.


      • henryg11 says:

        Why will they not let them back? That’s some harsh rule from the UNHCR. Back in the day their was a running joke that the camps were being used as a sort of RnR for the fighters. I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

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    • henryg11 says:

      Don’t quote me on this, but I think at the moment they return to Syria they would fall under the category of internally displaced people.


  2. Bree says:

    Great post! I enjoyed reading your response to this article. You bring up a very interesting (and complicated) question about opportunities for refugees to temporarily work legally in Jordan. In your opinion, how might Jordan and the refugees benefit from such an opportunity?


    • sarahsjs96 says:

      I believe by permitting Syrian refugees to temporarily work in Jordan would allow Syrians to not only feel as if they are beginning to blend into this new society they have entered, but it will also allow them to feel as if they have found a normal, safe life. Giving these refugees work permits will give these emotionally worn out people something to invests themselves and make it possible to survive in Jordan. Temporary work permits will solve many struggles these refugees are facing in Jordan and potentially help Jordan’s economy.


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