Meaning Of The Names

“Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers: What’s the Difference?” The Guardian. Ed. Alan Travis. 28 Aug. 2015. Web. 26 Dec. 2015. <;.
The article goes back to the true meaning behind the labels we place on these people. Maybe somehow, along the way, we have had lost the real context of the names and confused people with wrong meanings. For one,  a migrant is someone who moves from one place to another in order to live in another country for more than a year. It differs from a refugee who who has fled conflict and who is rin need of protection because it is too dangerous for them to return to their home countries. Asylum Seeker is a different story and one I had just heard of while researching this. Asylum Seekers are refugees just waiting to get their claims processed.
I chose this to educate myself a little more about the topic that was presented. What exactly were refugees and was the name a proper one given. All my life i feel as if i heard the name immigrant much more. My misunderstanding was not knowing their was a difference between the two. My research showed the process, the simple little facts to access the type of names we can give people. Its more informative than anything else but its a good basic base to understanding the names of people going through these moves. In the blog reading , Alexander Betts, director of the Refugee Studies Centre at Oxford University says
“Online searches for migrant are at their highest since Google started collating this information in 2004. And in the past month (to 25 August using the Nexis database), the most commonly used term in UK national newspapers (excluding the Times, the Sun and the Financial Times) was migrant – with 2,541 instances. This was twice as popular as the next most frequently used word, refugee.”
So, here I found I wasn’t the only one curious and with a not so busy google search engine.My research only jump started my curiosity and led me to even more articles of the name given to several types of people with several types of situations. I wasn’t alone and found comments section filled with just as curious readers who were broadening their minds just as I was. I learned that there is a giant difference between Migrant and Refugees and Asylum Seekers was another words added to my growing vocabulary. Asylum Seekers was a key interest of mine, because I had always heard the word refugee and migrant but Asylum Seekers was all new and just ready to be explored. Even if the name is quite different than Refugee, the two aren’t that much different and just a waiting response of approval can change that. Asylum Seekers, to me, seem to be the ones seeking for the title of refugee. Seeking a title that holds hope for them and their families.

Syrian Refugees Forced to Return to War Zone

Knell, Yolande. “Desperate Syrian Refugees Return to War Zone – BBC News.” BBC News. N.p., 12 Oct. 2015. Web. 20 Dec. 2015. <;.

What: As the war in Syria grows more and more, Syrian refugees are looking for a safer, easier place to live. At first Syrian refugees, with help from the United Nations, found refugee camps in Jordan that met their needs but now these camps are becoming expensive. Many of the Syrian refugees can no longer afford to live in Jordan because of the hardships they are facing. The United Nations has tried to help these refugees but donations for the cause have been slowly decline. Due to these hard times, Syrian refugees are beginning to leave Jordan and return home to Syria permanently.

Why: The United Nations refugee agency has been receiving donations from people all over the world to help the Syrian refugees. Lately, the amount of donations the United Nations refugee agency has been receiving has been much less than in the past.  This lack of funds leaves the Syrian refugees ultimately on their own when it comes to surviving in the Jordan refugee camps. When Syrian refugees migrate to Jordan they are not legally permitted to work nor do they receive free medical care. Although some refugees are able to work illegally for short amounts of time, they are not earning enough money to support their families. The lack of free medical care has only added another high expense that the Syrian refugees cannot afford. The refugees know there will be medical in Syria for free, this is one of the main factors encouraging Syrian refugees to return to Syria. The refugees are giving up and beginning to exclude themselves from the safe camps in Jordan to return to Syria. In the article, “Macedonia Migrants: Hundreds Rush Border,(” Macedonia immigrants are fighting to enter into the country of Greece, where they believe they will find a better life. These immigrants believe they will find a better life in Greece but are not guaranteed, just as the Syrian refugees. The Macedonian migrants are fighting for a place that could be equally as bad as the place they started. Unlike many Macedonian migrants, Syrian refugees made their way into a much safer area but found themselves poor and ended up returning home. It is interesting to compare the Syrian refugees arrival, struggle, and return home to Macedonian migrants’ battle to find a safer place.

How: Reading the article, “Desperate Syrian Refugees Return to War Zone (Knell), ” left me completely shocked. I was so surprised to read that Syrian refugees are struggling so severely that they rather living in war zone Syria has become. It was also very interesting to read that the United Nations has began to receive less donations to support these refugees. I also do not understand why Jordan is not allowing the Syrian refugees to work legally while they are there. The allowment of permitted working could solve many issues for the Syrian refugees. I would like to further research why Jordan is not allowing work permits, as well as, how well the Syrian refugees who have returned to Syria are doing.