Tattoos: No Longer Rebellious


O’Neill, Brendan. “Tattoos Were Once a Sign of Rebellion – Now They Are Evidence of Craven Conformity to Cultural Norms – Telegraph Blogs.”News Tattoos Were Once a Sign of Rebellion Now They Are Evidence of Craven Conformity to Cultural Norms Comments. Telegraph, 9 Aug. 2012. Web. 05 Jan. 2016. <;.

What: In past decades tattoos were always seen as a form of rebellion and were only worn by young people who wanted to stand out from the boring, everyday crowd but now tattoos have become so common they are more of a conformity. Young people see celebrities all over social media as they post pictures of their newest tattoos, no matter the area they wear them. People have always followed the trends set by celebrities in order to fit in, now that tattoos are more common and public with celebrities, young people are getting tattoos because it’s just the “thing” to do. An issue with having tattoos in public areas such as the hands, face, or neck, can be finding a job that will accept these works of self expression. Just a few decades ago, not receiving a job because of a tattoo was not an outrage but now that tattoos are more common people are beginning to rebel against companies who are unaccepting.

Why: I chose this topic/ article because a large amount of people now have at least one tattoo, even if it is not visible most of the time. As times change so does the need of flexibility and understanding, even if the change is only slight. Just as tattoo of changed from being seen as rebellious to just another way to fit in, reasonable tattoos should be accepted in the job market. If just a few companies begin to loosen the rules pertaining tattoos others will follow. Just like in the podcast from Freakonomics, hanging signs stating that everyone else is trying to change will eventually spark change in the companies that are dreading change. Now I’m not saying people with completely inappropriate tattoos in extremely obvious places should receive the most extravagant jobs, but there is no reason to turn away a hardworking individual because they have a memorial tattoo on their forearm. Employers and many Americans need to open their minds to justifiable change and understand change is not bad. Change and rebellion is what originally sparked the start of America and without it, America will no longer be different from other countries.

How: This article mentions how a Japanese mayor fired every employee who had a tattoo, that was completely shocking. Obviously in other countries, people have a lot fewer rights that Americans but I don’t think Americans always remember that. Today in America people are upset when they can not find a job because they have some ridiculous, inappropriate tattoo in a public area while in Japan people are being fired for having a concealed tattoo. Americans should be happy they can have jobs and concealed tattoos but they should also press the government for change to keep our government changing, just as our times.  I want to see what can be done and what can be changed here in America regarding justifiable tattoos in the workplace.