The Power of Voting

Who: Henderson, J. N. (2014, September 24). The Power of the Vote. Retrieved January 24, 2016, from

What: This essay talks about how citizens don’t take advantage of their power to vote as much as one would hope. A lot of voters only vote at the presidential elections. “…early on Election Day in 2008 and 2012 and the lines were so long at my polling site… That next year in their respected cycles (2009 and 2013); I remember casting my vote in the primaries and general elections for City and State Governments. The lines were not long at all; some electoral districts in fact had yet to see a voter come to their table. It was rather embarrassing, especially in my neighborhood.” Voting is a way to voice opinions and represents a citizen’s power as a constituent.

Why: I chose this article because growing up I never really understood the significance behind voting. Sure I know how it worked but what is the impact? What does it mean for us as people? It is very relevant to our discourse theme because idea of voting itself is an embodiment of the power of the people of the United State of America. Voting is what gives the American people the power to voice their opinions. It also fits in the theme of powerless because many Americans are squandering their right to vote. Not using this power takes away from the power of the people. “…do your research on the candidates, spread the word to encourage others to vote and vote! This is our opportunity as Americans to come out in numbers to make a difference, which therefore will put a lot of pressure on the elected officials to step their game up to the maximum.” (Henderson) Voting is a powerful tool that if used properly has great influence over the policies of the state, city and local offices. The things that most directly impact us are being ignored, yet people pay more attention to the presidential campaigns because they are looking at the bigger picture. Yet people have to realize that it’s the smaller details that come together to make the bigger picture.

How: I wasn’t very surprised while reading this article because I am also guilty of squandering my power of voting. I didn’t find it surprising that in Crown Heights the local Council person was elected by a vote of 16,000 out approximately 30,000 registered voters. (Henderson) The question that is raised what is that effects the voter turnout? In my personal experience I think it would be a lack of an education on the subject. I just found it interesting how going through high school I never once got taught about voting or the current events in politics. It just doesn’t make sense that something so important wouldn’t have a mandatory curriculum in the education of the youth of America.

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