American Intervention

Eland, Ivan (August 8, 2014) “Blowback from further U.S intervention in Iraq” Retrieved November 20,2015 from

This article talks about how the United States intervention in other countries can lead to blowback and will only make things worse. The articles says that politicians are always so eager to spend soldiers and taxpayer dollars on interventionist fiascos such as what has happened with the war on terror and in the middle east. A great example this article provides is the 2003 invasion of Iraq which only made the situation a lot worse because it lead to the creation of other Islamic groups. After the invasion a lot of people rose in resistance to the United States occupying their country.

I chose this article because I believe that sometimes the United States uses its power to be the policeman of the world by trying to spread freedom and democracy. Making the world a better place is something we should all strive for and of course intervention is sometimes necessary for example, if we are ever attacked than we certainly have the right to defend ourselves, but using force against another country by intervening is something they will usually object to just as we would if someone took control over our country. Many countries have also been known to object our embassies that we have across the world because they feel that is a way for us to expand our power throughout other countries. The article also does a great job of listing the consequences that our interventionist foreign policy that expands our military power has created such as the rise of radical Islam and terrorist attacks. Usually the politicians that vote for intervention have little to no experience in foreign policy. It also explains that when the United States takes out a leader mostly an evil dictator it usually never works because it leads to the rise of even more radical and ruthless leaders as it happened in Iraq when we took down Saddam Hussein. The simple message that is provided from this article is that people do not like having their country occupied by a foreign invading force and the result of that is more attacks.

When I first read this article I was shocked to find out that our intervention usually does more harm than good. I was also shocked at reading the consequences that our intervention has created and how much blowback we have received for our actions which most of our actions are arguably unnecessary. Interventions and military expansions such as the Vietnam civil war has caused great consequences and many protests here at home as it states in the article “Civil rights, Vietnam and a decade of protests.” We should be careful and think of any possible consequences that intervention may bring.

5 thoughts on “American Intervention

  1. nancywaldridge says:

    My personal opinion about intervening is that I agree that we are so willing to help our allies and in a given situation, I would hope ours would do the same, however its sometimes infuriating to see us always intervene as you said, being the policemen of the world. This country may be much better off than many others but we still have issues within our bounders that need to be addressed before we try to save the world.

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  2. ollysalder says:

    That was a very interesting read, and brings up some very valid points. Yes I am a member of the US Military and didn’t join to sit on my butt back home, but I never wish for war. I have no quarrels about going to war, that’s my job, But when the government goes looking for a fight for its own gain, is when I have an issue with it. Like Nancy said, we have so many issues we need to take care of back home first, Such as all the wounded veterans returning from these wars, the homeless veterans, the ones who cant find work now to support their families, We need to take care of Americans before trying to fix the rest of the world.

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  3. jml1123 says:

    I agree with both of you we have to take care of our country and its veterans first instead of sending more troops to a war that politicians will profit most from. I think that the countries national security should be the number one priority to keep Americans safe, that’s why i feel that sometimes intervening will make us less safe. I respect all of those who serve and do their job to keep the country safe and do there best to bring peace around the world.


  4. anthonys90 says:

    Very good and interesting article. I agree that the United States seems to focus on the state of foreign countries, on one hand they have mostly good intentions but it does backfire. I think our country should focus on our countries needs first before trying to take on other peoples’ battles. If our leaders don’t want what is best for America and they keep wanting everyone else happy we will continue to have issues like the rise of radical forces.


  5. michellecha says:

    Wow, this article was very interesting. It’s true on what you said on how the US needs to focus and fix it’s own issues first. As much as we want to help other countries, sometimes it just causes more fuel. But in order to help others, we need to fix ourselves first.


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