How is this Migrant crisis different?

This migrant crisis is different from all others – BBC News. (n.d.). Retrieved December 28, 2015, from

This article starts with a summary of the other migrant crisis that have occurred over the years. Explaining the significance of them and how they happened. For example, after the second world war many Germans were forced out of their homes. During the Vietnam war many of Vietnamese fled from the American bombings. Time and time again refugees were trying to find asylum in other countries, so the question the author raises is; why is this one different? He states the biggest difference is that European societies are changing very fast due to immigration, and it is causing an identity crisis.

I chose this source because I believe that the effect that immigration is having in Europe is a perfect example of inclusion and exclusion. These refugees are suffering from a form of exclusion. Feeling threatened in their countries they are seeking asylum in new countries. “As reflected by MacDonald and Leary (2005), among our less developed ancestors, both physical and social pain were functional in that they steered kin and other social groups from environmental and other threats, reorienting them in the direction of helpful others. As such, the social pain of exclusion was seen to have evolved as a means of responding to danger.” Quoted from Dan Allman’s The Sociology of Social Inclusion. Allowing these refugees to stay is a prime example of inclusion. A group of people working together for the greater good and advancement of our well-being. However, in doing so it seems that another form of exclusion has presented itself. Europe has never had large groups of migrants coming in from the outside before. This is presenting itself as an identity crisis in some parts of Europe, which is creating barriers between the refugees.

As I read this I was mostly intrigued on how having such a large group of immigrants might effect the one’s already living in that area. In a situation such as this most people are mainly focused on the immigrants lives and what they are experiencing. I thought it was interesting to explore the other side of the spectrum. A question that this raised with me is what negative effects are these refugees having on people, and what can be done to break down these barriers and bridge the gap for a more harmonious community?

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