Wear what you want!

Kott, L. (2014, November 30). For These Millennials, Gender Norms Have Gone Out of Style. Retrieved November 1, 2015, from http://www.npr.org/2014/11/30/363445372/for-these-millenials-gender-norms-have-gone-out-of-style

What: This article is about people (specifically millennials) and their nonconformity when it comes to clothes. It talks about how they choose at times to wear clothes of the opposite sex and in doing so challenge the idea that men and women have to wear specific clothes; the article uses as an example a male that wears nail polish and a woman that refuses to, and a woman who has always wanted to wear a suit. It is also linking the refusal to conform to gender norms via fashion and the expression of their full sense of self.

Why: I chose this source (I’m not going to lie) primarily to lighten up these subjects a bit. I also chose this source not only because I can relate to it but because I’m sure other people can also. Another reason is because the focus is more on rebellion (in a way that doesn’t hurt people) as opposed to conformity which there is enough about/on. Let’s just say the subject is a lot more fun and I’m sort of a pro when it comes to rebellion! 😉 When reading “Social Influence: Social Norms, Conformity and Compliance” and about Asch’s Conformity Experiment I was a little taken aback. First of all I think I was just as shocked as Asch when it came to his experiment but when I read the article by Cialdini and Trost that experiment and various life experiences made a lot more sense. Another reason why I was taken aback was because although rebellion is seen as the opposite of conformity I think they do have various commonalities. “People shave their heads and pierce their eyebrows not to fit in with the “dominant” culture but certainly to be more accepted by their peer group”(Cialdini 166). I think people look at rebels and think that they are going against the grain but they really are still conforming to a group, it’s just a different and usually smaller one.

How: As I was reading this source I found myself smiling a lot and nodding my head in agreement various times and even thinking about how nice it would be to have a suit also. I was not shocked or confused while reading this article. I was more than anything excited that were people that felt the same way I did. Some questions I had after reading the article were; When is a person going too far when wearing clothes of the opposite sex? What are situations in which doing so can be inappropriate? And of course how do other people take to it? Do they think that it should be something looked at as normal or abnormal?

4 thoughts on “Wear what you want!

  1. ollysalder says:

    What an interesting article. Its an everyday thing for all of us to get up and get dressed and go about our day. Being in the military there’s not a whole lot of thought goes into what I will on a daily basis, my biggest issue is what t-shirt to wear with my shorts to work. I would say a lot of the issue discussed in the article takes place in the larger cities through out the county. I have been to many large cities, and to the small county town in the back woods of Georgia. I say from my experience, I have not come across many teenagers or young adults who dress outside the norm in thee small country towns. I cant say that these people are just doing it because its whats expected of them, and its such a small place, that they are scared of being made fun of. Maybe these are the ones that once they get out from under their parents roofs and move away to “The Big City” that they let loose and express themselves in their own image. Either way, no one should be afraid of who they are. We live in a much different world than our Grandparent, and even our Parents grew up in. Be Yourself.

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  2. michellecha says:

    I love this ! I feel the same way, if a boy likes wearing pink, why is it so wrong? If girl doesn’t like wearing dresses, why is that so wrong? Who cares?! Let them express themselves! This is where gender stereotype also comes from, which I find ridiculous. People should have the freedom to wear or do whatever makes them happy. Every individual has different tastes and there shouldn’t be no “girls only do this” or “boys only wear that” stereotypes. Because of this stereotypes, boys & girls start to feel guilty about themselves, start believing their way of thinking is wrong, and are afraid to be who they really are.


  3. mayraesc says:

    Excellent view on this topic! This definitely fits into the discourse themes of rebellion and conformity. So you say you are a pro at rebellion, how so? 🙂 you seem real excited about this topic! You made a great point about rebellion, that at times those who are rebelling may actually be conforming. They may be rebelling against what is socially acceptable, but may be giving into what the “rebels” they hang out with are all doing. For example, a young man may be wanting to hang out with the bad kids to make his parents mad but then they peer pressure him into trying out drugs which was not his initial intention at all. I also really enjoyed your article, a lot of people came to mind who do not care about conforming with what each sex is supposed to wear or look like.


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