Civil Rights Forgotten?

Parker, C., & Ming, M. (2015, September 8). When Moderate Conservatives Stay Silent, Racism Thrives. Retrieved November 22, 2015, from

This article focuses on race issues happening today. Americans perceptions of racial progress has drastically decreased in the last year. Situations happening around the US like the Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and the massacre of nine black church members in Charleston, SC have caused for people to loose support of a post-racial society. “Both whites and blacks have exhibited increasingly negative views on race relations since 2011” (Parker, Ming, 2015). The question this article presents is: “Why does race continue to haunt us, 150 years after the Civil War, 50 years after the landmark civil rights legislation of the mid-1960s and six years into the Obama presidency?”(Parker, Ming, 2015). The article states that combating such injustice will require moderate conservatives to take a bold stand. Moderates must not shrink in the presence of vocal white reactionaries or hide behind lofty color-blind rhetoric.

I chose this source because it ties into the Power + Powerless readings: “What happened in Ferguson?” from the New York Times and “Civil Rights, Vietnam and a decade of protest” from The issues that we as a country had many years ago are starting to make a comeback. When those who were powerless fought for power are now starting to be pushed back into being powerless. There have been articles and posts on social media about why is it that they are only posting/standing up for “Black Lives Matter” when it should be “All Lives Matter” and this is true to a point. Because as Martin Luther King said over 50 years ago “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. We have to remember that when things start to become a “race” issue it not only will affect those particular people it will eventually affect us all as a nation. You would think now that we have come so far and fought to overcome these issues that they would be non-existent today but it isn’t and it hasn’t gone away. The race issue in America and the battle of equality is still ongoing.

After reading the power + powerless articles and searching for my own source it has left me with the same question as presented in my sources article. “Why does race continue to haunt us, 150 years after the Civil War, 50 years after the landmark civil rights legislation of the mid-1960s and six years into the Obama presidency?”

Why are we having these same issues as we did so long ago?

What can we do as a nation to help us get equality for all? (as the pledge of allegiance stated: “with liberty and justice for all”)

4 thoughts on “Civil Rights Forgotten?

  1. mayraesc says:

    Great way of tying racial discrimination into our theme of power and powerless! I see where you are coming from and make a great point. I did not think of this before, how those who were once powerless because of racism are starting to be powerless again. I would actually say, especially with Obama’s presidency. I am sure many people were angered to see someone being the same color as their ancestor’s slaves become leaders of their country. When you asked, “Why are we having the same issues as we did so long ago?” do you really believe 50 years is a long time?? I do not think so, really! I just recently saw a picture of Martin Luther King Jr’s granddaughter! Meaning, if he was not shot that day of his speech he may have possibly been alive during our lifetime! This seriously send chills down spine.


  2. jml1123 says:

    I too have always wondered why racism still haunts America especially after so many years since ending segregation. I honestly believe that it may have something to do with our representatives because they sometimes say things that cause anger in people which results in the country being divided. Representatives such as Al Sharpton someone who is considered to be the the most race biting person in America. Others give speeches to college graduates and state that if it weren’t for Brown V. Board this would not have been possible.These are not the type of speeches that leaders should be giving the the countries young, instead they should instead be uniting the people so there can be less hate and violence among them. Racism should not be something to be proud of we must teach each other that we are all created equal and to stop thinking we are better than others.


  3. nancywaldridge says:

    This is a good topic for power and powerless. The racial hate and “war” if you will is only setting us back in history. So many people, like MLK Jr. believed in equal rights and fought to secure those rights and togetherness. Today, so many are blinded by race and hate that we forget to value the person within. Color is only skin deep.


  4. michellecha says:

    Nice choice of article. I also don’t really understand why there is still racism after all these years and how far we’ve come to history. Individuals should see each other as equals and not neglect those because of their skin color. There should be more awareness of this issue and explain why racism is so wrong and ignorant. Really, we should already be passed this it’s just ridiculous. Discrimination is illegal.


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