President Feeling Powerless?

Harris, Gardiner. Shear, Michael D. (2015, 1 October). Obama Condemns ‘Routine’ of Mass Shootings, Says U.S. Has Become Numb. The New York Times. Retrieved 22 November 2015 from

This article is on the speech that President Obama gave one night on the issue of gun massacres throughout the country. The article states that he admits to feeling powerless because he is not able to prevent any further massacres from occurring and can not make any changes for control on his own. He asks the public to take action into their hands by voting towards gun control. He encourages them by making a personal connection, mentioning how lucky he and anyone with children are to be able to hold their children at night because they are still alive despite the many gunning shootings. He also encouraged the public to challenge how the National Rifle Association on whether or not the lenience to bare arms is safe. He repeatedly states gun ownership will not make anyone any safer and shows his frustration towards the subject. He wants stricter gun regulations and will not give up his efforts for the rest of his presidency.

I chose this source because I found it ironic that the public figure who many Americans (armed forces, as well as civilians) believe is making them feel powerless, is feeling powerless himself. I have read many articles on Americans being afraid of being over powered by the government if it was to execute a takeover of all freedom/rights or fearing that they will not be able to stand up for themselves in case of a terrorist attack, but not many on the nations President feeling overpowered by political leaders or even the public. The article repeatedly stated how powerless and frustrated President Obama felt, not being able to take immediate action for stricter gun control. I found this hard to believe but he himself asked the public, “Are we really prepared to say that we’re powerless in the face of such carnage, that the politics are too hard?” (Harris and Shear). He seems to accept that overcoming those who are against gun control is not any easy task, but he is also persistent and will not give up. The very last quote from President Obama in the article is, “Each time this happens, I’m going to say that we can actually do something about it.” (Harris and Shear). Obama is confident that shootings will continue to occur if no stricter regulations on gun ownership are implemented. He will not be satisfied or give up until he has the full power that he wants over this issue.

Reading this article, I became way more content about living in a state in which there are no strict gun regulations. Seeing how eager Obama is to take away those rights made me feel a lot more uneasy about the right to bare arms being taken away. There is no way I could ever feel safe with just knowing I am not allowed to own a gun even though I do not currently own one. Honestly, I feel the safest when I am around my boyfriend and his friends who own guns. Not because it gives them the power to shoot anyone, but just because I know they are not completely powerless if there was ever a terrorist attack. Which does not seem very unlikely seeing how things are looking.

Obama’s strong feelings against gun control left me wondering why he feels so strong about it? Does he not know that most of the violent cities are the ones who prohibit gun possession? What makes him feel so uneasy about anyone with no felonies owning a gun? I do believe mental health evaluations and information on gun safety should be a must, but I will never trust a leader who will not allow a person to own a gun for their own safety.

4 thoughts on “President Feeling Powerless?

  1. ollysalder says:

    I understand what the President is saying, I am a father of four young girls, one who is about to be out and about on her own after graduating from HS this year. I come from a country that you only own a gun for hunting, The police are only armed in the Major cities. I don’t own a gun either but I don’t feel powerless at all. Nothing will stop terrorist’s or criminals from getting hold of guns and committing these crimes if that is what they have their minds set on. Any amount of gun control the government tries to impose on the American people I don’t believe will make a difference.


  2. jml1123 says:

    This is a great article because gun control has become an extremely controversial issue in the past few years. I disagree with gun control policies because i think the all Americans are entitled to their constitutional rights. I also believe that strict gun control policies will make families less safe if they are ever attacked as it has happened in Chicago. The second amendment was created for the the American citizen’s to be able to defend themselves if the government ever got too big and oppressive and early signs of that happening is right being taken away from the people. The president also likes to point at how gun confiscation has worked in Australia but the fact of the matter is Australia does not have a second amendment.


  3. waggonerjohn says:

    Excellent article, I believe that many people that are for gun control seem to forget or ignore the fact that the only ones that will follow these policies are law abiding citizens. Criminals will always break the law and find anyway too. A policy making firearms illegal will not stop them and will only unarm the law abiding citizen who is now unable to protect themselves or their families.


  4. michellecha says:

    I enjoyed this article very much! I feel that the whole gun control is such a controversial issue. The fact that even Obama, the president himself, feels powerless over this makes me feel so uneasy. I was one of those people who also believed gun rights should be taken away. But, now I understand how people with family members and such feel a lot safer with the ownership of a gun.


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